Menstrual Cup Basic


  • 100% medical silicone
  • Ideal for getting started with menstrual cups
  • Preserves and protects the vaginal flora
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protects day and night
  • Free of additives (without latex, BPA, plasticizers or perfume)

Menstrual cups are cup-shaped containers that are inserted into the vagina during your period. In contrast to tampons, the menstrual blood is not sucked up, but collected in the cup. Instead of throwing the cup away every time it is “changed”, it is washed out with water and mild soap and then reinserted.

The Selenacare basic menstrual cup is suitable for both beginners and long-time users of menstrual cups. It has a medium degree of hardness and can therefore also be used for light sporting activities. The menstrual cup and cotton storage bag are included in the package. The vaginal flora is sensitive and can be negatively influenced by a number of factors. For this reason, the menstrual cup is deliberately free of latex, plasticizers, chemicals, proteins, phthalates, alkylphenol, PVC or BPA. This means that you too are particularly protected during your period.

Which size is right for me?
Menstrual cups open up a world full of possibilities, but also full of questions with all the different sizes. We have three cup sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Which size suits you has nothing to do with your height, but depends on three factors:

1. Bleeding intensity
The heavier your bleeding, the larger your menstrual cup should be so that you don’t have to empty it as often (size M or L).

2. Length of the vagina to the cervix
If you insert your finger into the vagina and lightly touch your cervix, you will need a smaller cup (e.g. size S).

3. Condition of your pelvic floor
The condition of your pelvic floor depends on several aspects. If you have not had children yet and do a lot of sport, he is usually well trained and you need a smaller cup size (size S or M).

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