Redesigning the gynecological experience

Take control of your body & practice self-care

omgyno is here to support you on your journey to better sexual and menstrual health through self-care and professional support.

omgyno is born out of the challenges we face in the healthcare system. It is a service designed to empower anyone with a female reproductive system. We know that so many of you out there do not have access to a good gynecologist or services that provide the attention and information you need.  We believe that education, human-centered design, technology, advanced diagnostics labs, progressive doctors, and an environment of safe and progressive care can be a vital solution to redesigning our experience with the most intimate part of our bodies.

omgyno offers its community the tools to take control of their bodies and prioritize their health. With lab partners, we have developed carefully designed home test kits for self-sampling, so that anyone can get a test at any time without booking appointments or extra costs. Our team of selected healthcare professionals provide timely expert medical advice and open-mindedness by putting your needs first via telehealth, so you can receive professional virtual consultation in a safe and private space, wherever you are. Our Femshop offers a variety of eco-friendly hygiene solutions and Femtech products that can provide that extra well-being factor you deserve. 

We know that menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health  depends on a holistic approach to both physical and mental aspects, so omguide keeps us all informed on ways to ensure that we achieve that goal, for life.

omgyno is an international female-led enterprise