Redesigning the gynecological experience

Take control of your body & practice self-care

omgyno is here to support you on your journey to better sexual and menstrual health through self-care and professional support.

omgyno is born out of the challenges we face in the healthcare system. It is a service designed to empower anyone with a vagina. We know that so many of you out there do not have access to a good gynecologist or services that provide the attention and information you need.  We believe that education, smart technology, advanced medical labs, good doctors, and an environment of non-judgemental and progressive care can be a vital solution to redesigning our experience with the most intimate part of our bodies.

omgyno offers its community the tools to take control of their bodies and prioritize their health. With lab partners, we have developed carefully designed home test kits for the detection of pathogens, so that anyone can get a test at any time without booking appointments or extra costs. Our team of selected healthcare specialists provide timely expert medical advice and open-mindedness by putting your needs first via telehealth, so you can receive professional consultation in a safe and private space. Our shop offers a variety of eco-friendly hygiene solutions and Femtech products that can provide that extra well-being factor you deserve. 

We know that a healthy coochie* depends on a holistic approach to both the physical and mental aspects, so omguide keeps us all informed on ways to ensure that we achieve that goal, for life.

*coochie: a cute word for vagina.

Who we are

Doreen Toutikian
Co-Founder & CEO


Doreen is a designer who likes to make culturally viable products. She is a cultural entrepreneur, a communications expert, and a university lecturer on design theory and research. In the past 10 years she has founded the Beirut Design Week annual festival, the MENA Design Research Center, and a non-profit cultural organization LOOP/Listen Observe Organize Prototype/. As an avid reader on feminist theory and a believer in human-centered design, founding omgyno was a natural progression in her career path. She speaks six languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Greek and Armenian) and lives in between Beirut and Athens with her partner.

Elisabeth Milisi
Co-Founder & CFO

Elisabeth is an entrepreneur with a background in strategy and sales. She is fascinated with the process of  transforming an idea into a feasible company. Her portfolio is versatile; in the past she has founded Baggagement, a tech tourism company that provides  baggage management to travelers. Before then she was working in several positions in Nike Greece for 14 years, where she implemented European sales strategies to the Greek market. She believes in the importance of empowering women in business, and omgyno was the perfect fit. She speaks three languages (Greek, English, and German) and lives in Athens with her partner and two children.

Katerina Papageorgiou
Communications Manager

Katerina Papageorgiou
Katerina is a communications specialist with professional experience in marketing for healthcare. Having worked in the field with healthcare professionals for many years, she has developed her work ethics to focus on anthropocentric and feminist values, by identifying patients’ specific needs in physical and mental health. Her feminist values and passion to create a better and more gender-equal world for all the people with a vagina out there, drove her to becoming part of the omgyno team. Young and ambitious, she is applying her skills to create awareness about concerns and problems on healthcare issues as well as finding direct solutions for the 21st century women. She speaks four languages (Greek, English, Spanish, German) and lives in Athens.

Dr Anna Lyberopoulou Molecular Medicine PhD

Dr. Anna Lyberopoulou- omgyno

Dr. Anna Lyberopoulou is the laboratory manager and quality control manager of Helix Biolab Laboratory and Diagnostic Clinic in Athens. She specializes in molecular medicine and holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine from the Medical School of EKPA (MSc in Molecular Medicine) and a PhD from the Medical School of EKPA. Her postdoctoral research at the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Athens Medical School is specialized in the further use of nanotechnology in the molecular imaging, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in in vivo and in vitro experimental schemes. She has also worked as a researcher in the EU funded research program “Functionality and Regeneration of pancreatic β-cells and the role of Liragloutidis” at IIBEAA (Institute of Biomedical Research, Academy of Athens). She has published her research extensively in reputable international medical journals. She lives in Athens with her partner and her children.

Dr Mary Tazanios MD ObGyn Senior Advisor

Dr Mary Tazanios -omgyno

Dr Tazanios is a  gynecologist of Lebanese, Greek, and French nationality. She has been the Head of the ObGyn Department of the Lebanese Canadian Hospital, and the Coordinator of the Refugees Health Project in Lebanon since 2013. Between 2002 and 2013, she was a medical advisor to the World Medical Centers as a representative of Lebanon. She has been a lecturer at the Department of ObGyn- Kursk State Medical University in Russia, where she also received her Medical Doctor (MD) degree in 1998. Since then she has earned her DES, (Postdoctoral Clinical Specialization) in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a Certificate in ObGyn Ultrasound from the Burwin Institute of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (Canada), and the European Advanced  University Diploma in Surgical Gynecological Endoscopy from Universite d’Auvergne I Clermont Ferrand (France). She also has an Advanced Nutrition Diploma from the School of Natural Health Sciences (London) and a Bachelor of Science in Social & Behavioral Sciences from the American University of Beirut.

Some of her professional affiliations include the European Medical Association, the Royal Society of Medicine UK, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Droit De Naitre Association France. She speaks five languages (Arabic, French, English, Russian and some Greek) and lives in Beirut with her partner and children.

omgyno is an international female-led enterprise