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Lily Cup One

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The one to start with.

Lily Cup One is here to make things easier for first-time menstrual cup users. It’s convenient and unnoticeable thanks to a discrete case with an extra-firm rim that makes opening and sealing simple and quick. There is also a removal loop to ensure the cup can be easily removed and emptied when needed.

This menstrual cup provides up to 8 hours of period protection. It’s perfect for users with light to heavy flow. This menstrual cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone, which makes it hypoallergenic and body-safe. It is also completely eco and budget-friendly because it can be used for up to 10 years.

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  1. Demetra

    This cup is a game-changer for my period routine. It’s perfect for beginners or those who are new to menstrual cups. The compact and collapsible design makes it easy to carry in my bag, and the soft silicone ensures a comfortable fit. The unique pull tab makes removal a breeze, and the capacity is perfect for me. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable, and sustainable menstrual cup option.

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