Home Test: Vaginal Smear Culture

This home test checks for the overall health of the vagina and cervix by identifying any microbial infections such as bacteria, yeast (fungus), or viruses as well as some sexually transmitted infections. It includes delivery of the kit to your home to take your own sample, free shipping to the lab for analysis, and results within 3-5 working days by email.



Often vaginas experience vaginitis, which is a general medical term used to describe various disorders that cause infection or inflammation of the vagina and vulva. Usually this discomfort or pain is caused by an infection. The vaginal smear culture home test isolates and identifies the responsible germ (bacteria, fungi, virus, STI) that can cause vaginitis. Τhe Vaginal Smear Culture test includes:

  1. Microscopic observation for diagnosis of: Pyocytes, Fungus ,Trichomonas, Neisser, Clue Cells.
  2.  Aerobic culture for diagnosis of: Candida Albicans, E. coli, Proteus Mirabilis, Pseudomonas spp., Klebsiella spp., Staphylococcus spp., Enterococcus spp., Streptococcus spp.
  3. Anaerobic culture for diagnosis: Gardnerella Vaginalis
  4. Special examinations for the diagnosis of: Mycoplasma Hominis, Ureoplasma Urealyticum, Chlamydia Trachomatis.

This test is for people who:

  • have been sexually active and have not been to the gynecologist for a pap smear for a while
  • would like to get an overview of their general vaginal health
  • have been sexually active and are experiencing discomfort or unusual symptoms in their genital area (itching, swelling, redness, dryness, unusual smells or discharge), pain in the abdominal area, pain during sexual intercourse, pain when urinating, or bleeding between periods

What does this home test cover?

  • A kit in discreet packaging that is delivered to your home for self-sampling
  • Free pickup of your sample and delivery to the lab
  • Sample analysis in an ISO-certified lab
  • Results within 3-5 working days by email
  • Anonymous results retrieval with unique password

What’s in the self-sampling kit?


  1. Form to be filled out and sent back with the samples
  2. Two dry STERILE R swabs
  3. One STUART swab with preservation gel
  4. Sodium Chloride 0.9% 5ml bottle
  5. Three stickers with an ID number
  6. Box for return shipping
  7. Black eco-bag for return shipping
  8. An instructions manual



What is the step by step process?

  1. Order your Vaginal Smear Culture home test
  2. Receive it in a discreet packaging by our courier within 48 hours
  3. Follow the instructions manual and take your own sample
  4. Select a pickup time within 24 hours  (we send you a link, you may also use the QR code provided in the instructions manual)
  5. Your sample is picked up and sent to the lab for analysis
  6. Get your private results within 3-5 working days by email

How do I take my sample?

Taking your sample is very easy and painless, follow the instructions below (also included in the kit) to use a swab and take a sample of your vaginal fluid. For the vaginal smear culture, you will take 3 samples.

  1. First, wash your hands
  2. Open the STERILE R tube, take out the swab
  3. In a comfortable position, hold the swab in one hand, and separate your labia with the other
  4. Insert the swab 5cm (which is about half the size of your index finger) into the vaginal opening
  5. Gently rub the swab against the walls of your vagina by turning it around for about 30 seconds
  6. Put the swab back in the tube and close it tight

Note: Follow the detailed instructions in the manual to ensure that all three samples are properly taken and preserved.

What happens if my results come in positive?

If you would like to discuss your results and/or receive a prescription from a certified doctor, head over to our telehealth page to view our list of recommended doctors and book an online consultation.