Urinary Incontinence Underwear


  • Discreet protection for mild bladder weakness and urinary incontinence
  • Comfort and appearance like normal underwear
  • Multi-layer SELENAtec technology for high wearing comfort
  • Odor prevention with antibacterial protection
  • 40ml capacity

Best protection for bladder weakness
Bladder weakness is a common issue for many, especially after giving birth. Those who lose droplets when sneezing, coughing or during physical exertion often experience a reduced quality of life. What is considered a taboo subject is treated with the Selenacare bladder weakness underwear for women. We find that bladder weakness shouldn’t affect quality of life. That is why we have made it our mission to develop underwear that is a sustainable alternative to disposable pads and disposable underwear.

The combination and inspiration
We have combined the look and comfort of conventional underwear with our innovative SELENAtec® multi-layer textile technology. The result is underwear that is not noticeable in everyday life and does not restrict. It integrates itself inconspicuously into everyday life.

Models for every occasion
Fashionable, breathable and a guaranteed, reliable fluid absorption of 40 ml – this is what distinguishes the Selenacare bladder weakness underwear. It sits comfortably with a soft pick-up area and offers security in all situations. Regardless of whether it is for sports, a stressful job or exciting trips.

Washable and reusable
The bladder weakness underwear is not only inconspicuous and comfortable, but also ecological. It can be rinsed cold after use, washed at 30 ° and air-dried. Then it is ready again to give you a feeling of security in everyday life despite the weak bladder.

Odor prevention with antibacterial protection
The innovative SELENAtec® multi-layer textile technology creates a capacity of 40 ml on the one hand. On the other hand, it ensures long-term odor prevention thanks to its antibacterial protection.


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