How to Measure your Cervix Height for a Menstrual Cup

There’s something seriously satisfying about the body traits that make us unique. Whether you can roll your tongue, wiggle your ears or have a super cool scar – our quirks define us. Why is it then, that so few women and people with vaginas are familiar with their intimate anatomy?

The cervix height is an easily accessible and very useful bit of info that can improve everything from your sex life to your period – but it’s an absolutely essential part of owning a menstrual cup.

What Is the Cervix?

The cervix is a tiny but very important part of the female anatomy. It is essentially the connection between the vagina and the uterus. It looks like a little doughnut of flesh around 3cm in diameter, that varies in firmness depending on your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and arousal.

What Is the Purpose of the Cervix?

The cervix has a tiny opening that allows sperm to swim in and menstrual fluid to flow out. Your multifunctional cervix is also designed to adapt for childbirth, with the ability to expand up to 10cm during labor. 

What Does the Cervix Have  to Do with a Menstrual Cup?

Buying a pair of jeans that don’t fit you is a pretty uncomfortable and frustrating experience for most of us. Well, imagine buying something for your vagina that doesn’t fit. If you know the length of your vaginal canal, then you can choose the menstrual cup that is the best length for your body.

The menstrual cup comes in all shapes and sizes, but what’s important is that it sits below your cervix to collect the flow, while also being fully inside the vagina (stem and all). To find out your measurements, check the dimensions of your cup, and see how it measures up before you buy.

How to Measure your Cervix Height

  • Everything starts with hygiene so before you start exploring your body, you must wash your hands with warm water and mild soap. When you are completely sure your hands are clean, find yourself a comfortable position and start measuring cervical height. If you want, you can do this while taking a shower.
  • Insert a finger into your vaginal opening. Keep moving until the tip of your finger is touching your cervix. You’ll be able to distinguish your cervix from the rest of your vagina, as the tissue is soft and a little bit firmer than your vaginal walls. It feels a little like the tip of your nose. Be careful not to put  pressure on your cervix walls, you do not want to hurt  yourself.
  • If you can only get one joint of your finger in then you have a very low cervix. Two joints (middle of your finger), you have an average cervix height. if your entire finger fits into your vagina before you touch your cervix then you have a high cervix. 
  • Once you are familiar with cervical measurement, you can note the measurement and compare it against the length of different menstrual cups to find out the perfect one for you. 

The Monthly Cycle of your Cervix

Another factor to take into consideration is ‘when’ to measure. It’s not just your period that is affected by your monthly hormonal  cycle. The actual cervical ‘position’ changes throughout your cycle as well! Around ovulation (when you’re most fertile) the cervix is often higher in the vaginal canal and tends to be a bit softer. Close to and during menstruation, many cervixes move lower in the vagina and become firmer.

Your cervix height even changes throughout your period – which also affects the type and length of cup you should buy. Try checking your cervix height at different stages throughout the month and your period, so you can be sure to pick a cup that fits you throughout menstruation.

The Best Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix

For women and people with a low cervix, shorter menstrual cups like the Lily Cup Compact tend to be a better fit. The Lily Cup Compact is a full 2cm shorter than the classic Lily Cup, so it can be fully inside the vagina and still sit below your cervix. Plus, the Lily Cup Compact’s stem can be trimmed down for comfort or you can even turn the cup itself inside out to make it even shorter.

Check out Intimina’s size guidfor Lily Cup Compact’s dimensions.

The Best Menstrual Cup for a High Cervix

If you have a higher cervix, then you can use either a longer cup or a shorter cup – according to your preference. For women and people with a higher cervix, a longer cup, like the classic Lily Cup, can be easier to reach during removal, and also has the added benefit of a higher capacity. However, you can also use a shorter cup, you’ll just need to engage your pelvic floor muscles to push the cup down a bit more for removal.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to check that cervix height and then you can choose the best menstrual cup size for your own body.

Happy measuring!

Source: Intimina

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