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9 ways to raise a feminist son

9 ways to raise a feminist son

Feminism can rescue boys and men from a toxic kind of masculinity that harms them, leaves them lonely, turns them violent, or minimizes their human experience; such as when they are told that “boys don’t cry.” Feminism is solidarity, an expansive value system in which people of all genders and other intersections can thrive.


Intersex: 5 Myths We Need to Bring Down

Intersex is an umbrella term that refers to the inherent physical differences in gender characteristics or reproductive anatomy. It also means the living experience of the socio-cultural consequences of people born with bodies that do not fall under the regulations of the “male” and “female” bodies… Here are 5 myths we need to bring down.

Self-Discovery as Self-Care: 6 Facts about your Sexual Anatomy

Traditionally, a woman’s body and her sexuality have been perceived as the business of everyone but herself. Many of us have been told that learning and caring for our private parts is unnecessary or inappropriate. Self-care in matters of sexual health is about informing ourselves and being comfortable with our bodies and overcoming traditionally negative perceptions towards this subject.